Sister Cities International welcomes Vice President Xi to the United States

Dear Mr. Vice President:

As the President and CEO of Sister Cities International and on behalf of the board of directors and the members of Sister Cities International, I would like to thank you for recognizing the importance of developing long-term relationships.  Sister Cities International is a 56-year-old public private partnership that promotes peace and prosperity though connecting people to people in cities, counties and states.  We have approximately 600 communities in the United States that have developed close to 2,000 relationships with communities on 6 continents.

Your four point proposal to boost Sino-US cooperative partnerships encompasses the mission of Sister Cities.

  • to learn the lessons history has taught
  • adopting a long-term perspective
  • respecting each other
  • building mutual trust and striving for a mutually beneficial, win-win situation

Thank you for leading by example and demonstrating to the world that friends made 27 years ago in a small town in Iowa are as important to global peace and prosperity as are formal meetings with world leaders in Washington, DC.


Yours truly,

Mary D. Kane

President & CEO

Sister Cities International