Going on an exchange? Get a complete travel health consultation!

For even the most seasoned international traveler, a trip overseas involves a wealth of considerations. Visas may need to be obtained, a passport may need to be renewed, airplane tickets must be booked, hotel arrangements need to be confirmed, activities and tours must be selected, and luggage needs to be packed.  All too often in this busy and complicated process, the most important preparation all, your health, is overlooked.  Proper pre-travel medical care is a crucial part of the pre-travel process and, via a new partnership with Passport Health, Sister Cities International members are now able to obtain the vaccinations, medications, and health advice needed for successful travel overseas as simply and conveniently as possible.

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1994 by Fran Lessans, a Registered Nurse with a specialty in travel medicine, Passport Health aims to provide its clients with the highest level of service and most up-to-date travel medical advice while using the latest technology to simplify and streamline all health and vaccination needs.

Unlike a primary care physician, Passport Health is a one-stop destination for the international traveler; after all, travel medicine is the company’s specialty! Most family doctors do not stock the unique vaccines needed for international travel. Passport Health, however, offers a full complement of travel and routine immunizations as well as malaria and motion sickness medications, antibiotics, insect-borne disease prophylaxis, and specialty travel supplies tailored to the unique situations the international traveler will encounter.

Moreover, each Passport Health appointment includes a thorough review of health history to inform tailored strategies to help you stay well overseas. Passport Health is in constant contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.S. State Department for disease outbreak and security situation monitoring for every country in the world.  This up-to-date information informs the personalized travel consultation that each traveler receives.  Passport Health can even assist with your travel document and evacuation insurance needs. In short, a pre-travel appointment at a Passport Health clinic is designed to cover everything that you might need for a healthy trip, leaving you with more time and less hassle.

Passport Health has been in business for over two decades, and the company’s clinic network currently spans over 245 locations in three countries.  In addition to in-clinic travel medicine, Passport Health can also provide Sister Cities International members and chapters with on-site vaccination events, specialty physical exams, wellness services, and vaccine records management services.  Regardless of its rapid expansion, Passport Health stays true to one of its founding principles: to provide first class medical care for travel anywhere, and each client receives personalized attention for his or her once in a lifetime trip. 

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