Washington, DC, (July 10, 2019) –Sister Cities International is honored to announce that State Representative Brenda Brumfield will receive the Distinguished Service Award at the 2019 Annual Awards Dinner and Gala in Houston, Texas.

Each year, Sister Cities International presents the Distinguished Service Award to extraordinary individuals who, through their efforts and accomplishments, have made significant contributions to society through the communities they serve.

“The Distinguished Service Award is reserved for those State Representatives who have worked endlessly to make a remarkable impact on their communities,” said Roger-Mark de Souza, President and CEO of Sister Cities International. “Ms. Brumfield’s dedication to the futures of the youth she works with, and her constant display of service to her community exemplify our mission: maintaining peace through people-to-people interactions.”

Brenda has been active in the Sister Cities International Movement for at least two decades with projects and activities here in the United States and Abroad.  Most recently, she has been working with other youth in her local community as an instructor, teaching English and Social Studies at Vallejo Adult School.  She is presently teaching a Special Day Class for African American males with emotional delays in a middle school.

Since becoming a State Representative for the State of California (Northern) at the S.C.I. Conference in 2012, she has been an active participant of the Sister Cities International Leadership team.  She was very helpful in planning for the 2014 Sister Cities International Conference in San Jose as a member of the S.C.I. NORCAL Board of Directors.  She has been an irreplaceable aid to the Sister Cities International Membership network with recruiting cities and serving on the Membership Committee 2014-2017. Brenda has served as a California State Representative with passion.  She continues to be an Annual Contributor for the “Legacy Circle.”

Brenda is passionate about the future of SCI and stands by her philosophy that “The youth involved in the Sister Cities International movement are the future world leaders.” Brenda reinforces this philosophy every day through her efforts to provide services, projects, and activities that connect youth to community members in a meaningful way.

Most recently, she received the Plaque of Recognition for Community Service from non-profit House of Acts in late March 2019.