Alix Desulme

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Councilman Desulme was first elected into office in 2009, in a city-wide election, making history as the first Black City Clerk of the city of North Miami. He held the distinction of the youngest and the first Haitian-American elected City Clerk in the United States of America. As a leader, he consistently advocates for the residents in North Miami and South Florida.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015, Councilman Desulme was elected to the North Miami City Council representing District 4. The following year he became the youngest Councilman to serve as Vice-Mayor for the city of North Miami, Florida (2016-2017).

September 30, 2015, the North Miami City Council unanimously approved the NOMI Golden Silver Senior Program proposed by Councilman Desulme, which provides a safe place to socialize, exercise, and enjoy hot meals in a friendly environment.

Councilman Desulme is known as the “People’s Councilman.” He created and implemented the Let’s Eat Healthy in D4 initiative. It ensures qualified residents fresh produce, dairy products, and other grocery items bi-monthly.

Currently, Councilman Desulme is an Adjunct professor at St. Thomas University in Miami-Gardens, Florida and an Educational Consultant for ELB Global an Interactive Education Technology Solution provider based in California. Recently, Councilman Desulme has completed coursework at the University of New England towards a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership finishing his dissertation by December 2017.

Statement of Interest

For over a decade the city of North Miami has help to promote Sister Cities Programs in Haiti as a global significance, through exchanges and initiatives that focus on five key areas – education, culture, trade, tourism and sport. Since 2009, Councilman Desulme has been involved with Sister Cities program on behalf of North Miami. In 2010, he traveled to Haiti to conduct technical support trainings for hundreds of Mayors thought-out the country.

Councilman Desulme has a proven commitment to building and strengthening the economic, cultural and educational relationships between North Miami and Arcahaie, Haiti. He has developed and implemented mutually beneficial trade missions and exchanges between commercial, educational and other groups. His vision is to strengthen links between institutions and public organizations through the facilitation of trade missions and business to business dialogues and business tourism opportunities. North Miami Sister Cities Programs, under the leadership of Councilman Desulme, has accomplished the following in the last year:

  • Comprehensive training for over 50 local police officers in the Republic of Haiti, facilitated by the North Miami Police Department command staff.
  • The renovation of a community park located in Arcahaie, Haiti.
  • In-kind support for a summer camp in Arcahaie, Haiti, serving approximately 2000 youth
  • The launch of the Keep My City Clean campaign in the Republic of Haiti, inclusive of community clean-ups and educational outreach.
  • Professional development training for educators and city officials.
  • The donation of surplus vehicles from the city of North Miami to the Republic of Haiti.
  • Cultural Exchange Activities annually

Skills and Assets

Councilman Desulme is very passionate about the Sister City agreements between North Miami, and cities in the Republic of Haiti. As a member of the Haitian American Elected Officials Network, the Operation Green Leaves Project, the Citizens for a Better Government Association among other organizations, he processes the skills necessary to explore and encourage the cooperation between the two entities. He has identified activities with the common purpose and goal of generating new initiatives to further the economic, social and cultural relationships.