Sister Cities International Collaborates with TeamUp for Two One-Year One-Time Grants

Sister Cities International (SCI) is pleased to announce a pilot collaboration with TeamUp for two one-year one-time grants of $9,600 each, which will be awarded competitively to two pairs of medium and small-sized U.S.-Japan sister cities with a population of 100,000 or less. The grants will be awarded for the express purpose of developing higher education student mobility by creating new, or enhancing existing partnerships between colleges and universities in those cities. The successful city-pairs will propose a program or series of activities aimed at boosting student mobility. The activities will be directly or indirectly focused on student mobility or enhancing the experience of the visiting students. SCI/TeamUp encourage innovation and creativity in designing the proposal, including use of technology to maximize interaction and communication. City pairs should take into account the infrastructure already developed between the two cities and build on it to enhance student mobility or the visiting student experience.

The program provides additional funding for participation by one representative of each of the two city-pairs to attend the SCI annual conference in July, 2019 in Houston. The sister city pairs should provide a proposal to utilize the one-time grant ($9,600) beginning in August, 2019 and completing activities by approximately August, 2020. (SCI/TeamUp will allow some flexibility in the timeline of proposed activities.)

Application Process:
Please complete the following and send to [email protected] by June 7th, 2019:
1. Answers to Application Questions
2. Bios of the lead representative of the U.S. and Japanese sister city

Eligibility for Award:
1. The application should be submitted by a medium or small-sized U.S. SCI member in good
standing with a medium or small-sized U.S.-Japan city pairing (medium or small-sized means cities with populations less than 100,000)
2. The U.S. city applying must provide a letter of support from the Japanese city pair agreeing to all aspects of the proposed activities.

Conditions for Award
1. The funds for this program CANNOT be used to pay for alcoholic beverages.
2. Fly America Act Restrictions: All federal government-financed international air transportation must by accomplished by U.S. Flag air carriers of U.S. code sharing to the extent that service by those carriers is available. For information on other “open skies” agreements in which the United States has entered, please refer to GSA’s website at